Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yoga Art!

Let what inspires you soak into all aspects of your living. Passion, determination, and patience will help. Explore ways to use your talents or discover a new one, by simply doing something you enjoy. Feel free! Let loose! Be silly! Be creative! 

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

a poem that flowed from my heart

I wrote this poem while in a bout of frustration. I was frustrated with how easily I saw people cover their true emotions and instead exude a false comment or facial expression, like when someone is smiling and you know they are not smiling on the inside. Or is it just me? I've been feeling lately that I am much more in tune with sensing authenticity, perhaps because I feel a sweeping change of myself, as if I've been digging and have found a new layer of my being. 

For the first time, I got up in front of a crowd at my college and read a poem, this poem, hoping that its words would reach out to someone and help peel back a few layers towards their true self. Tall order? I think not. I believe I have an influence on the world. 

When I read this poem, I expressed it as a spoken word pro might do, speeding up and slowing down, loud then soft, pausing. 
When you read it, try to read it with your heart. 

I was born into this mess
And through life I digress
Torn by judgement and ego
Our realization is too slow
I see you snide and act out
while morality becomes thin and stout
How can our world be a better place
when a candied mask is on your face?
The dirt piles and piles under the rug
the smile you smile is only smug
to "have it all" we must first be bare
strip our layers, all our cares
The answer must come from inside
no help from books, people, websites,
no guide through school, religion, exercise,
Nothing but the heart for the insight
But we layer our authenticity
with tattered fabric we cannot see
Ending in a blindness, a slow disease
The disease is our glutinous way
with a quick fix keeping sadness at bay
Enlightenment avoids a cluttered mind
it is a patient, vacant, subtle kind
We cannot preach with fangs for teeth
or pretend stone hearts have a beat
Lying and silence are sometimes the same
Not ill words, ill thoughts are to blame
How can we feel the sun's warmth,
with a veil over our face?
How can we experience love,
without humility or grace?
We must shed our skins, accept every scar
To find consciousness, who we really are.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Always a work in progress. Always move forward. Always be strong. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I keep tryin to find more and more inspiration to help drive my art and my yoga practice, 
finding something that serves both, now thats just fuckin amazing. This man artist is amazing, Karmym from Switzerland, worth checking out.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Inspiration for sunrise practices, love, and grace.

This video of Briohny Smyth is one of the most inspirational yoga videos to me. Yes, it is mostly advanced poses, but admire her fluidity; her grace and poise when moving from one pose to the next. This video also captures a beautiful stillness. An early morning practice while the husband still sleeps in the crisp, full-of-possibilities time of day. There is a subtle sexiness too...notice the kicked off boots and the black lingerie. I just simply love everything about it.
So try it yourself (clothing optional!), to wake up early and practice, to fill your life with love and passion, and bring a little more grace and compassion into your transitions and the poses themselves.
You may not be able to balance in handstand yet(such as myself) but work with the inversions and those fun poses you like (aka arm balances!) and move with a little more intention and trust that you know what must be done next.